Orion Community Cable
Communications Commission
Cable Franchising Authority
for the

Village of Lake Orion and
Charter Township of Orion
1349 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI  48360


Next Meeting:

Thursday, April 25, 2019
(February 7 meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum)
7:00 pm
ONTV Studio
1349 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion


Orion Neighborhood Television

Village of Lake Orion

Orion Township

OCCCC Actions in 2018:

Updated the cablecasting equipment at the Lake Orion Community Schools Administration Building.  ($90.000)

Provided a new fiber run from behind 37 East Flint St (the old Village Hall) to the Children’s Park parking lot to enable Orion Neighborhood Television to provide more live coverage downtown.  ($3,300)

Activated 2 dark fibers at Orion Township Hall to provide file backup for ONTV and OCCCC, including government meeting videos   ($3,000)

Awarded a grant to the Village of Lake Orion for a speaker to improve the quality of their televised council meetings. ($1,060)

Sent a letter, drafted by Chair Ralph Painter, to Representative John Reilly in opposition to SB 637, which would set a dangerous precedent in allowing big telecommunications companies to dictate the use of rights of ways.

Filed reply comments with the FCC in opposition to the FCC Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) To Reduce Barriers to Infrastructure Investment, Docket No. 05-311, which threatens the existence of local access channels by reducing or eliminating franchise fees.

In Lake Orion/Orion Township, cable franchise fees support:
-live, unedited, gavel to gavel coverage of government meetings, including
Lake Orion Village Council, Orion Township Board, and Lake Orion Community
School Board
-youth media literacy camps,
-broadcast internships for high school and college students,
-technology grants to Lake Orion Community Schools ($250,000 in 2017-2018),
-support & promotion of local non-profits and local businesses,
-Orion residents’ access to technology to create, communicate, and connect
with other residents through video on the Orion public access channel.