Orion Community Cable
Communications Commission
Cable Franchising Authority
for the

Village of Lake Orion and
Charter Township of Orion
1349 Joslyn Road
Lake Orion, MI  48360


Next Meeting:

December 13, 2018
immediately following
7:00 PM Budget Public Hearing

ONTV Studio
1349 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion


Orion Neighborhood Television

Village of Lake Orion

Orion Township

Orion Community Cable Communications Commission
2017 Year in Review

In April, the OCCCC approved a grant submitted by Lake Orion Community Schools in the amount of $89,397 for a new Tricaster and other equipment for the video production classes at the high school.  The Tricaster in use will be traded in.  The new Tricaster will have the capacity to use the high school control room for directing shoots within the building outside the studio.  It will also allow the Orion Neighborhood Television control room to control school cameras using a network connection designed by Advanced Lighting and Sound.

HS Tricaster 1_opt

OCCCC Deputy Treasurer Donni Steele, along with Treasurer Pat Belanger, opened an investment account through Oakland County as well as invested in a long term municipal bond fund, both of which wlll provide a higher interest rate than local banks have been paying.

Three OCCCC members attended national conferences in 2017 and provided reports on the workshops they attended.  Several members also attended the Philo Awards Ceremony hosted by Orion Neighborhood Television at the Orion Center in October.

OCCCC Chair Ralph Painter presented a power point about OCCCC to the Orion Township Board.

OCCCC provided the funding for a fiber run from the old Lake Orion Village Hall on Flint Street to the new Lake Orion Village Hall on Church Street, giving the capability to cablecast live from  the downtown area.

There was concern that, with AT&T dropping its Uverse service, franchise/PEG fees received by OCCCC would be affected. The OCCCC Administrator presented a report that concluded that, although AT&T franchise/PEG fees are slightly declining, franchise/PEG fees overall are increasing.

Representatives from OCCCC/ONTV are meeting with the Lake Orion Village Manager and vendors to find a solution to improve the quality of the audio for Village Council meetings.