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Village of Lake Orion and
Charter Township of Orion
1349 Joslyn Road
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Budget Public Hearing
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6:30 pm, December 14, 2017
ONTV Studio
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Orion Neighborhood Television

Village of Lake Orion

Orion Township

Orion Cable Commission 2016 Year in Review

The Comcast audit, conducted by Scott Lewis & Associates, was completed in February.  Comcast was found owing, and paid $9,262.  The audit cost $8,150.

In February, the Cable Commission Administrator and ONTV staff dealt with the aftermath of the flood in the Orion Center.  Fire watches were necessary around the clock until a security firm was hired.  The Cable Commission administrator shared her office space with a staff member from the Orion center for 5 months.

In July, the Cable Commission renewed the Management Agreement with Orion Neighborhood Television for another 3 years.

AT&T surprised the Cable Commission with a request to re-franchise with Orion Township in September, several months before their original contract expired.  The document was reviewed and the Cable Commission made the recommendation to the township to approve the franchise.   AT&T began the re-franchising process with the Village of Lake Orion in late September, and the Cable Commission recommended approving the village franchise.  It is the duty/responsibility of the Cable Commission to make recommendations to the Village and Township regarding franchise renewal under the Cable Communications Ordinance, #80 for the Township and #16.05 for the Village.

The Cable Commission administrator began helping ONTV with outreach in September by writing and submitting press releases about ONTV special events to local newspapers.

The Cable Commission approved two grants to Lake Orion Community Schools in 2016:
#041602, LOCS (Roger Smith) $94,024.78
for studio/equipment upgrades for the LOHS TV studio.
#101601, LOCS (Lauren Smith) $25,493.02
(plus $4,000 from ONTV budget) for equipment and broadcast
rights for the band and choir programs at LOHS.

The Cable Commission paid for supplemental cooling for the ONTV headend to keep equipment from over-heating.

Two Commission members attended national conferences and provided conference reports in 2016.

A committee was formed to check into the possibility of providing a scholarship program for LOHS students pursuing further education in the media arts.  It was determined that this is not something that the Cable Commission can do, because franchise fee money is considered public money, and goods or services must be received in return for public money.

The Chair of the Commission, Ralph Painter, began providing “board training’ on various topics at regular meetings.